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CHE-LU Martial Arts

CHE-LU Martial Arts introduced its system of excellence in 1975.  Developed by Grand Master John W Mason, CHE-LU guides the individual through a system of exercises and techniques that helps the learner live healthier and be better than ever. CHE-LU facilitates a balance of 
CHE, the "Mind" and, LU the "Body". 

An American Original

CHE-LU is an American invention - designed, developed, and implemented by an American - in the USA.  While we recognize the martial arts contributions of other nations and individuals - CHE-LU is NOT a combination of or an affiliate of any other martial arts system or style.  CHE-LU Martial Arts is unique and 
independently iconic in its technical style, system and methodology.

Commitment to the Arts

CHE-LU Martial Arts is committed to the artistic excellence of its members and practitioners.  Each student is guided through a structured program of disciplines and techniques. We respect and understand the "real-world" application of CHE-LU martial art combat and self-defense techniques - our commitment is to the aesthetic, athletic, and artistic application of good technique.

Commitment to Education 

We value education and seek opportunities to collaborate with schools, colleges, and universities. The CHE-LU Martial Arts curriculum includes training in Leadership 
and Emotional Intelligence.  We coach our members in reading, writing, math and technology - in preparation for Belt testing. We sponsor and provide CHE-LU Martial Arts educational scholarships through the John W Mason Foundation.